Better By Design

For many men with BPH, medication alone is not enough, and the current BPH treatments, including “minimally invasive therapies” still can be pretty uncomfortable; there’s tissue trauma and irritation, the recovery is lengthy, and if symptoms return, the procedures are only reversible by surgical removal.

That’s what makes Zenflow such a potential game-changer: freedom from BPH in a patient-friendly treatment designed to be an easily-reversible procedure so gentle that full recovery can happen in a matter of hours or days, not weeks*. If your patients are looking for alternative treatment options, you can invite them to participate in the BREEZE™ Clinical Study.

Zenflow - Better by design


Intuitive, straightforward procedure.



Fast recovery, durable results.*

Fast Recovery


Performed in the office or OR setting.

Introducing ... the Spring System

Designed with Patient Comfort in Mind

Designed with Patient Comfort in Mind

No burning, cutting, or piercing. The Spring System was designed to be ultra-precise for a more comfortable patient experience. From bench testing to computer models to clinical trials, we've worked tirelessly to optimize our system to be the best option for men with BPH.

The product

The Product

The Spring device gently props open the urethral opening to restore flow. It is elegantly designed using a super-elastic shape-memory material and is custom-fit to provide long-lasting relief. The Spring is delivered through a low-profile flexible scope, providing a more comfortable patient experience.

Rigorous Clinical Study Program

Rigorous Clinical Study Program

Clinical trials conducted by top global urologists have shown a well-tolerated procedure with a low rate of side effects, fast recovery, and durable results out to at least 2 years.*

Innovative Research, Better Results

Klaus Roehrborn

Dr. Claus Roehrborn

Dallas, USA

“The Zenflow Spring clinical trial data thus far demonstrates promising outcomes with respect to patient symptom relief, urinary flow rates, and preservation of sexual function.  I am excited to be part of the rigorous clinical trial research program.”

Peter Gilling

Prof. Peter Gilling

Tauranga, New Zealand

“With its intuitive approach and self-expanding implant design, the Spring System meets the needs of patients who are seeking an effective, non-invasive BPH treatment.”

Dean Elterman

Dr. Dean Elterman

Toronto, Canada

“The Zenflow procedure is a patient-friendly BPH treatment option that eliminates the need to pierce, ablate, or remove prostatic tissue. Based on favorable initial clinical trial results, it has the promise of becoming a first-line therapy of choice. “

Caution - Investigational Device. Limited by United States federal law to investigational use.
The Zenflow Spring System is an investigational device in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and is not commercially approved anywhere worldwide.

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